1.  Get up and stretch throughout the day.
2.  Stretch out limited vacation time.
3.  If someone criticizes you, consider the statement 
    calmly. If what has been said is correct (in part or in 
    full)try to focus on the problem and thank the person for
    her or his kindness in pointing it out. 
4.  No matter how busy you are, take a lunch break. Get away 
    from your work area.
5.  Keep a favorite positive message in your cube or at your 


6. If you dread doing a household job, look into finding 
    someone else to do it on a regular basis.
7. Do a hobby
8. Pet an animal.
9. Look through an old photo album.
10. Work in your garden.
11. Watch a movie
12. Take a long hot shower or bath.
13. Make a peaceful home.


14. Sing a favorite song
15. Watch the birds/clouds, etc.
16. Give yourself time to get used to one change before
    taking on another one.
17.  Remind yourself that you are not responsible for anyone 
      else’s feelings.
18.  Hug your children/partner/spouse
19.  Listen to your favorite music
20.  Get together with upbeat friends
21.  Shop during off days and off hours to avoid crowds.
22.  Take a class
23.  Read a book
24.  SAY NO!
25.  See failures as stepping stones instead of roadblocks.
26.  Be willing to try new things.
27.  Take a walk.