Here are some tips to increase the romance in your life.

After you have made a romantic gesture, there's a certain "afterglow" that is there. Your partner appreciates you more, is nicer to you, and is likely to respond in kind. You feel more loved as well Romance is not an end to itself. It's about enjoying your life more fully.

1.  Candlelit dinners
2. Weekend getaways.
3. Love letters
4. View romance as "adult play"
5. Create a Romantic Idea jar.
Write romantic ideas on seperate
slips of paper. Fill a jar
with them.Once a week,one of
you picks an idea at random and
has to implement during the next
week.Take turns every other week
6. Give her flowers just for fun
7. Give her fine Chocolate
8. Buy a guidebook for where you live.
Visit somewhere you have never been.
9. Gaze into her eyes more often
10. Breakfast in bed
11. Run her a bubble bath
12. Hide 25 little love notes all over
13. Walk on the beach
14. Take a romantic sunset boat ride
15. Don't equate romance with sex.
However,if you are romantic
your sex life will be better.
16. Go on a horse drawn carraige ride.
17. Go on a picnic
18. Praise each other in public
19. Pamper each other
20. Surprise vacations